life stories

with thanks

Many years ago, my daughters decided we should have a Thanksgiving tree, a place where we could visibly see our gratitude for the season. Sticks were collected outside, necessary art materials were assembled, leaf stencils were quickly printed, and the tradition began. The Thanksgiving tree doesn’t require the fuss that our Christmas tree will. There… Read More with thanks

life stories

three years

The calendar gives us bookmarks for memories, dates which become part of the rhythm of our lives, weaving into what was before and what is to come. August 3rd is one of those dates for me. I am grateful for the brain surgery that saved my life three years ago and the path that led… Read More three years


just as you are

I woke up this morning thinking about The Little Engine that Could, my spirit tangled with breath and prayer and not quite enough sleep. Giving my heart a few minutes to weave the language of the morning, I found myself hoping for time to remind both of my children that they are loved before they… Read More just as you are


love letter

This was the first year in what felt like a century that I did not have to purchase valentines or help in the creation of valentines for either of my daughters’ classes at school. It felt a bit like winning a mini lottery, though I did have to remind myself why it felt like I… Read More love letter

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what shines

The stockings are barely hung in the house before my youngest daughter starts creating things to place inside each one. Casually walking by the fireplace on any day, she’ll gently squeeze the bottom of a stocking so the rest of us can hear the crinkling of paper inside, a creation she has made for one… Read More what shines