the basics

I have always been passionate about wellness, which to me is the balance of mind, body, and spirit. But, increasingly, I am learning about the balance part. Wellness is not an arrival point, but an ongoing journey of paying attention to where we are, what we need, and how to get there.  It is not something you wake up with beside your bed or a perfect recipe that you get right each time.  Real wellness requires knowing yourself and making time for that knowing and becoming. In a world of quick remedies and social media, I think that journey often becomes challenging, because it takes compassion and time. 

Everyone is different (hallelujah for that), so there is no perfect road to wellness.  It doesn’t matter how many leafy greens you eat, how many yoga classes you get to each week, or how many retreats you attend or books you read.  Some of those things may help you in the balancing, but they will not nourish you in the way knowing and loving yourself will.

When you travel on an airplane, remember the reminder they give you about putting your own air mask on in the event of an emergency?  You are asked to put your own on first, before helping others.  I remember being totally confused about that when I was a kid, but I understand it now.  We cannot serve others, we cannot give the world our best selves, if we don’t practice self care first.

There are days that feels impossible.  There are days that IS impossible.  But then tomorrow comes and we can, we must, find our way back, even in small steps to knowing and loving ourselves.  It’s easy to write about.  It’s harder to do.

So, dear readers.  In posts to follow, I will share and discuss wellness topics and suggestions.  But, guess what?  You get to decide for yourselves if they call to you.  No one size fits all here. What is most important to me and most valuable to the world is for you to love yourself first.  Start there.  And then see what else nourishes your spirit and gets you to a place of being the best you for you and for the universe.




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