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three years

The calendar gives us bookmarks for memories, dates which become part of the rhythm of our lives, weaving into what was before and what is to come. August 3rd is one of those dates for me. I am grateful for the brain surgery that saved my life three years ago and the path that led… Read More three years

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what shines

The stockings are barely hung in the house before my youngest daughter starts creating things to place inside each one. Casually walking by the fireplace on any day, she’ll gently squeeze the bottom of a stocking so the rest of us can hear the crinkling of paper inside, a creation she has made for one… Read More what shines

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My favorite month of the year, October brings a change to the light in the late afternoon, cooler weather, lots of hiking and all-things-pumpkin, as well as gratitude and life reflections that typically shape many months in my life. Alas, my peaceful October feeling is not that this year. I am concerned and I am… Read More october

life stories

two years

Two years. In many ways, it feels like yesterday. In others ways, my body recognizes how far it has come and what it has been through. It’s fair to say that brain surgery was never in my plans. I write that now with a degree of humor, as I understand more and more that life… Read More two years

life stories

ocean treasures

I just returned from a glorious vacation at the beach. A few days before we left, my youngest daughter looked at me and simply said, “I am so glad we are going to the beach. I like you the best when we are there.” I knew exactly what she meant. Almost anywhere else I travel,… Read More ocean treasures