love letter

This was the first year in what felt like a century that I did not have to purchase valentines or help in the creation of valentines for either of my daughters’ classes at school. It felt a bit like winning a mini lottery, though I did have to remind myself why it felt like I… Read More love letter

life stories, wonder

what shines

The stockings are barely hung in the house before my youngest daughter starts creating things to place inside each one. Casually walking by the fireplace on any day, she’ll gently squeeze the bottom of a stocking so the rest of us can hear the crinkling of paper inside, a creation she has made for one… Read More what shines


love and ashes

Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day is an interesting conundrum, right? On a day where many of us are entering into a season of quiet reflection or fasting as we reflect on our sins and mortality, there are hearts in the air and reminders of affection. I actually love it. My oldest… Read More love and ashes


the little prince

When most of us look at an object, we see that object. Sometimes it remains an object, with no need for further thought. Sometimes we see something and consider its usefulness, its function, and whether or not we have need for it. For a few moments, that object gets our attention, but usually only in… Read More the little prince


on wonder

My very first memory is the wind. Specifically, the wind blowing the very tops of trees. Before I could talk, the sight (and feel) of wind moving trees amazed me. I would take a deep breath in, taking in the wonder, likely forming early seeds for questions that would grow over time. My second memory… Read More on wonder