life stories

ocean treasures

I just returned from a glorious vacation at the beach. A few days before we left, my youngest daughter looked at me and simply said, “I am so glad we are going to the beach. I like you the best when we are there.” I knew exactly what she meant. Almost anywhere else I travel,… Read More ocean treasures


love and ashes

Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day is an interesting conundrum, right? On a day where many of us are entering into a season of quiet reflection or fasting as we reflect on our sins and mortality, there are hearts in the air and reminders of affection. I actually love it. My oldest… Read More love and ashes



Last week was filled with reminders. Lessons I thought I learned long ago popped up throughout the week as humble taps on my heart that I am ever on the journey. Life has a way of talking to you if you leave spaces in it. I happened to be in line behind two women at… Read More connect


lentil soup

“When you chop onions and garlic and lots of other vegetables, I know you are either having a great day or a hard day, or maybe both.” These were the words from my oldest daughter after walking into the kitchen last week. She is right, of course. Especially about the “both” part. The older I… Read More lentil soup

life stories

beginning a new year

Traditionally, today is a “me” day. The house is shockingly quiet after weeks of laughter, sister squabbles, tears, and conversations. We are returning to school and schedules. I’m breathing in the quiet, but find myself surrounded by lingering vibrations of time together. As I slowly collect Christmas decorations, I find lists scattered here and there…groceries… Read More beginning a new year

life stories

the hill

There is a big hill at the end of the route my family takes on our usual walks and bike rides around our neighborhood.  As my kids have gotten older, I have been impressed with their strength as we get up the hill.  Their ability to pedal up the hill has increased, though, depending on… Read More the hill